Hamburg’s Mount Vernon area battling rat problems

There’s been an uptick in the rat sightings in the Town of Hamburg’s Mount Vernon area.

Residents say they’ve been finding rats in their backyards, underneath car hoods and even Bailey the Labrador-mix stopped one right in its tracks last week. Her mom Joan Boggs, says she was sniffing around the back staircase when she made the discovery.

“I’m out here putzing and the next thing I know, something wizes by and she’s right behind it, and I hear a noise. And I come out here, and she’s covered in blood,” Boggs said. “And its laying there with its little legs up. And it went Eeek and it stopped.”

So far, there’s been 29 rat complaints filed with the Erie County Health Department. Officials there say, they don’t know exactly what’s causing the problem.

In the meantime, the town officials have been working with the county to set up baiting systems and remedy the situation.

“Pretty much, the way to handle it is to remove the food source, and remove the shelter, the potential for shelter, so that’s what we’re working on,” said Sean Crotty emergency manager with Town of Hamburg Emergency Services. “And, they can help by removing the food source and shelter opportunities for the rats and the rat problem will hopefully take care of itself.”

So, what’s next for residents like Bailey and her mom?

“Well, we called the county and hopefully they’ll come out and bait again, and we’ll go from there. Unless we get everyone to start pitching in, we’re not going to be able to stop this problem,” Boggs said.

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