(WIVB) — As COVID-19 infections continue to decrease, we’ll start to see things go back to how they were pre-pandemic.

One major change we will see over time is kids returning to school five days a week.

Local healthcare workers are offering tips as you get ready to send them back to the classroom.

One tip is to have conversations with your kids now about going back to school. Students may have concerns about going back, and it’s important to address those thoughts as soon as possible.

We spoke with leaders at BryLin Health. They say that when a child is seeking reassurance, people should stop themselves from offering too much of it.

The more you offer, the more your child will seek it. Listen to their concerns, and help them problem-solve them, BryLin says.

If your child is feeling uneasy about going back to school, remind them that this is something they have done before.

Lindsay Herndon, BryLin’s vice president of Outpatient Services, says “It’s that whole idea of ‘It’s going to be scary at first.’ ‘You can do this, I’m here for you.’ Remind them they like certain aspects of school, what they used to like, what their favorite courses are. Maybe that conversation comes up in the previous tip, talking about what they do like. And you will be able to do this because you can do these difficult things.”

You should also be giving your kids time to adjust to the changes, and make sure you pay attention to their actions once they do go back.

And don’t forget to give yourself a “pass.” Parents should be lenient with themselves during those first few weeks back.