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Hunger doesn’t take the summer off, so food pantry’s across the region need your help to keep shelves stocked and families fed.

Many people think of giving during the holidays, but those who work with FeedMore WNY say the need is year round. “We are always in need of help but during the summer months our need really remains high although our donations drop significantly,” said FeedMore WNY Communications Director, Catherine Shick. 

The Evangel food pantry in Williamsville is just one of many in our region that rely on your donations,  especially during the next few months. 

“The need is higher for them because kids aren’t in school so that means that the families have to provide the kids with breakfast and lunch when they were already getting that during the school year,” said Carmaletta Zandi, Director of Evangel food pantry. 

Two Tuesdays a month they open up their doors to those in need. “They sign in, wait for their number to be called and they actually go around. It’s like shopping at a store,” said Zandi.  “I want to choose what foods I want to eat.  So why wouldn’t we help them to do same.”

One in five children in FeedMore WNY’s four-county service area struggles with hunger.  “We want to make sure everyone, no matter what their circumstances are are receiving the nutritious food and support they need to live healthy lives,” said Shick. 

And as the summer need starts to eat into the food bank’s supply, FeedMore is asking you,  the community to “walk it off.”

“We’re really grateful to have the support of the community to come out, support us at walk off hunger and allow us to get the funds we need to replenish our shelves and feed more families during the summer months and into the fall,” said Shick.  

The 12th Annual Walk Off Hunger Event takes place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, July 27, at Island Park in Williamsville. For more information click here.

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