A former post office on Buffalo’s East Side will soon transform into Western New York’s first hemp processing plant.

The 2018 Farm Bill now makes it legal to sell and distribute products that are made from hemp.

The facility, owned by Jushi Inc., will be manufacturing CBD products under the name MEND, and will be more affordable than other similar products already on the market.

CBD is found in hemp plants and is completely different than the psychoactive compound, THC, found in marijuana.

“They’re not going to get you high and if you see some relief we think it’s better than taking a prescription drug,” said Steven Przybyla, President of Jushi Inc., and Director of Cannabis Programs at DENT Neurologic Institute.

Przybyla along with DENT Medical Director Dr. Laszlo Mechtler will launch the MEND line of CBD products.

The products are intended to relieve pain such as inflammation, migraines, anxiety and even insomnia. Some of the products will come in lotions, soft gels and oil drops.

“We think the product that we’re creating is filling a huge need in the consumer space. Right now I think there’s a lot of mislabeling, a lot of deception in CBD products, how they’re dosed, what’s actually in them,” said Przybyla.

Przybyla says the products will be a more affordable option than medical marijuana.

“The average DENT patient is spending between $300 and $500 a month on medical marijuana. Our CBD products for a month supply might range form $80 to $120.”

Jushi Inc., was just awarded the license to open the hemp processing plant last week. At the plant, CBD will be extracted from hemp plants and then refined.

The facility near William and Bailey will generate at least 30 new jobs. It’s expected to open in about seven to 10 months, but products may be released as early as six weeks from now.