Here’s Donald Trump’s plan for the first 100 days in office


WASHINGTON (NEWS10) – Now that Donald Trump is the president-elect for the United States, what is his plan for his first 100 days in office?

In October, Trump released a “100-day action plan to Make America Great Again.” The campaign said this was “his contract between myself and the American voter – and begins with restoring honesty and accountability, and bringing change to Washington.”

Here are some highlights of his plan:

Donald Trump’s 100 Day Plan

  • Set Congressional term limits
  • Hiring freeze on all federal employees (exempting military, public safety, and public health)
  • Create requirement that for every new federal regulation, two existing regulations must be eliminated
  • Renegotiate NAFTA
  • Withdrawal from Trans-Pacific Partnership
  • Allow Keystone Pipeline to move forward
  • Cancel every unconstitutional action, memorandum, and order issued by President Obama
  • Selecting Supreme Court Justice to replace Justice Scalia
  • Remove more than 2 million illegal criminal immigrants from the country
  • Suspend immigration from terror-prone regions where vetting cannot safely occur.
  • Begin construction of a wall on the U.S.’s southern border and have Mexico reimburse the U.S. for the full cost.
  • Allow Americans to deduct childcare and eldercare from their taxes
  • Repeal and replace Obamacare
  • Five-year ban on White House and Congressional officials from becoming lobbyists after they leave government service
  • Lifetime ban on White House officials from lobbying on behalf of a foreign government
  • Lift restrictions on American energy reserves, including shale, oil, natural gas and clean coal
  • Cancel billions in payments to the U.N. climate change programs and use money to fix America’s water and environmental infrastructure
  • Cancel all federal funding to sanctuary cities
  • Establish tariffs to discourage companies from laying off workers in order to relocate to other countries
  • Leverage public-private partnerships and private investments to upgrade U.S. infrastructure
  • Allow parents to send their kids to public, private, chater, magnet, religious or home school of their choice
  • Rebuild U.S. military through the Restoring National Security Act

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