Hero dog saves the life of his diabetic owner

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Jason Stuart says his dog Apollo is so much more than just man’s best friend.

“Everything. He’s gotten me through some difficult times, this one being one of the worst but I’m very happy to have him with me,” said Stuart. That worst time Stuart’s referring to, when he went into a hypoglycemic seizure his four-legged-friend woke him up in the nick of time. 

“I’m a type one diabetic so my blood sugar dropped while I was sleeping and my dog woke me up so I could get to the fridge and get something to bring my blood sugar back up so that I could call an ambulance,” said Stuart. 

Stuart has had Apollo since he was just a pup and trained him to recognize changes in blood sugar, so when Stuart’s blood sugar dropped, Apollo was there to help. 

“I was really dizzy. I could not walk straight at all and he guided me to the refrigerator because I wasn’t walking very well at all,” said Stuart.

Had Apollo not been there, Stuart says it could have been a very different outcome.

“Potentially I wouldn’t have been able to call an ambulance and no one was home to realize this was an issue,” said Stuart. 

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