High school students feel safer now that speed cameras are up and running in two Buffalo school zones


BUFFALO N.Y. (WIVB) – If you don’t slow down when entering several school zones in Buffalo, it will now cost you. The speed cameras are on at Canisius High School on Delaware Avenue and the Makowski Early Childhood Center on Jefferson Avenue.

City officials say the main reason the cameras went up are for the students safety, and a few high school students say ever since the cameras went up they feel the area is safer.

“Most of these cars would be going 40, 45 every day,” said Canisius High School student Abdala Masrour. “Since these cameras went up they’ve been slowing down.”

“I think it’s good,” said Canisius High School student John Susz. “It’s kind of annoying sometimes because you know for the past few years I’ve been going through here a lot quicker than this, but I think it’s good for students crossing the street.”

During school hours if a driver goes through the school zones at 26 mph or faster, the camera will flash, and snap a picture of the license plate. That person can then expect a $50 fine.

“Obviously you see right now people are going a lot slower than usual, but I think it’s going to work,” Susz said.

One student says he’s a little skeptical it’ll make a difference.

“I still see lots of cars zooming by but they’re definitely getting pictures so hopefully soon they’ll start slowing down,” said Canisius High School student Tyler Baughman.

Eventually, 10 schools in Buffalo will have these speed cameras. Several residents criticized the program during Tuesday’s Buffalo Common Council meeting saying that they’re frustrated and feel there’s a another way to make school areas safe. However, some students heading to class say they’re in favor of it.

“I feel like it’ll be easier to cross the street earlier because when I was a freshman I came in here scary, soft, nervous and there’s cars speeding down the street,” Masrour said. “Trying to cross the street from the bus was very hard.”

“I mean there’s lots of kids crossing the street and with the school right here I think it’s a good idea,” Baughman said.

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