Higher demand than supply raises price of chicken wings


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Chicken wings are everywhere: in super markets, restaurants and food chains across the country. Of course you can eat still this Buffalo delicacy to your heart’s content, but it may come at a greater cost.

“The demand for it has just sky rocketed. Normally a throw away part of the chicken back in 1964, now it’s the most popular part of the chicken,” said Mark Dempsey, Anchor Bar Vice President.

Restaurants like the Anchor Bar on Main Street buy about $50,000 worth of chicken wings a week.

“Right now at this location we go through over 2,000 pounds of chicken wings a day. That’s a long of wings,” said Dempsey.

Chicken wings are everywhere, and the increased popularity could mean a bigger hit to your wallet.

“Tou’ve got some big players around the country like the Wings Stops and Buffalo Wild Wings that have over a thousand stores each. They’re buying a lot of the wings, they’re being shipped overseas. There’s a shortage for sure,” said Drew Cerza, Founder of the National Buffalo Wing Festival and the “Wing King.”

Demand for wings is outweighing the supply.

“Usually after the Super Bowl the pricing comes down but we haven’t seen that. And the restaurants that’s primary item are chicken wings they can only raise their prices so much so they’re very concerned,” said Cerza.

Some restaurants like Anchor Bar are trying to keep wing prices the same for as long as they can.

“We haven’t raised our price in chicken wings for over 2 years, which we’ve only raised our bucket price not our single or our double price,” said Dempsey.

But if prices continue to rise, something’s got to give. A dip in prices doesn’t seem likely in the near future.

“There’s no lowering the prices in sight, it looks like these prices are here to stay for a while,” said Cerza.

The prices for wings will stay the same at this year’s National Buffalo Wing Festival at Coca Cola Field, taking place Labor Day weekend. Each wing is only $1 each.

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