Homicides continue to climb in Buffalo


Buffalo Police say there have been at least four shooting deaths in the city of buffalo since late last week.

These recent incidents add to the already climbing rate of gun violence. The Buffalo Police Department says there have been 39 homicides, compared to about 22 at this point last year.

Most of the homicides this year involved guns.

“Guns are leaving homes unexpectedly and being unitized and somehow filtering to the streets, but also you have a tremendous amount of illegal weapons being purchased,” said James Giles of Back to Basics Ministries.

Community activists say the reintroduction of outreach programs help reduce violence.

The Guns Involved in Violence Eliminated program that works with folks who have gun charges already. Organizers say because of the pandemic, they couldn’t really make home visits, but now it’s a different story.

“We’re here to curb that violence with the GIVE program, Guns Involved in Violence Eliminated,” said Murray Holman. “We go to the homes of young men and young ladies who have gun charges and try to give them some ways out.”

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