How would a recount work in the NY-27 race?


How would a recount actually work in the race for New York’s 27th congressional district?

New York State does not have an automatic recount provision for close races.

In most cases, candidates are not able to file for a recount. They can go through the courts to try to call for one, but in Erie County, votes already receive a second look after the election.

Erie County GOP Elections Commissioner Ralph Mohr says “What we do is we take the machine count and we verify that with the electronic chips, which we did last night. We add to that the absentee ballots, the paper ballots, any other ballots that were cast in any other manner at the Board of Elections.”

The state also provides county election boards with the power to call for a recount, but the 27th congressional district includes parts of eight counties, making that a little more challenging.

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