How you can prepare your trees for summer


Trees in Western New York are forced to be as hearty as the humans who live here. They experience all 4 seasons and try and stay healthy through it all.

Tom Anderson, Arborist at Davey Tree Service told News 4, “We have lots of different weather here in Western New York. Over the winter we experienced strong snow storms, over the summer we had tornadoes and trees can suffer greatly during those episodes.”

It’s important for so many reasons to keep those trees thriving through it all. Hiring a qualified arborist is the best thing to do to ensure their health,  but if that’s not an option there are things you can do by yourself. Anderson shared some of those tips.

He said, “Look at the tree from top to bottom and inspect the canopy of the tree. If you see wilted or discolored foliage that could mean you have a crack in the tree that should be addressed.”

Looking at the roots and trunk of the tree is equally as important as checking the high tops. Anderson explained, “If soil is heaving near the base of the tree that could mean the tree has shifted during a recent storm.”

Old wives tales say trees can be a helpful indicator when trying to predict whether or not a storm is on its way. Anderson says he thinks most of what you may have heard in the past is just a myth.

He explained, “They say that trees leaves turn over when we have rain or a strong storm coming that’s mostly folk lore. Essentially trees leaves turn upside down because of a change in wind.”

Those trees are the ones with softer stems. Typically of the Maple and Poplar species.

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