Hyatt’s All Things Creative settles into new North Buffalo location


After decades of selling art and craft supplies in Allentown, Hyatt’s All Things Creative has settled into its new, enormous location in North Buffalo. 

The new location is in a former lumber company building on Elmwood Avenue, painted in an unmissable bright indigo. 

The new location replaces both Hyatt’s Main Street location, which had been open since 1961, and the Clarence location, which opened in the 1970s. It opened Jan. 24. 

It offers customers 15,000 sq. ft. of retail space to browse, as well as new products and extended lines of products the store already carried, purchasing manager Seth Martin said. 

Comparatively, the store at Main Street only had 6,000 sq. ft. of retail space. 

“Every time we wanted to bring something in, we had to find something to get rid of, or keep it in the warehouse,” Martin said. “Here, we were able to add some new product and expand some of the lines we carry.” 

The store caters to everyone- from the serious artist to the casual crafter, Martin said. 

“We carry a really broad range of materials- from your first pack of crayons to real, professional materials,” Martin said. 

Additions to the products sold at the new location include an expansion of the store’s airbrush and urban art sections and a fine writing and stationary section. 

Hyatt’s also runs a large e-commerce business- and that aspect allows the company to sell a larger variety of products at the retail level, Martin said. 

“When we carry a line, we try ot carry just about everything,” Martin said. “In a typical product line at a big box store, you’d typically find 25 to 40 colors of a paint- here, we have paint lines with over 400 colors.” 

The store was founded by Charles Hyatt in 1959, Martin said. Hyatt opened a 200 sq. ft. commercial business on Franklin Street in Buffalo before moving to the location on Main Street. 

The operation was not originally a retail business, but people would walk in and ask for products, Martin said. 

The Allentown location continued to grow, and Hyatt opened other locations, in Rochester, Edinboro, Pa., and the Walden Galleria. 

With 50 employees and only 25 parking spaces at the location on Main Street, Hyatt’s had to expand. 

“The entire family is in the Buffalo area, and it was really important for us to stay in the city and stay in 
Western New York,” Martin said. “We spent about three or four years looking for the right property, and then about another year doing the buildout- it’s been a long time coming, but it went very successfully.”

Hyatt’s is celebrating 60 years in business this year. For more information and a list of classes and events, click here. 

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