A Buffalo man was arrested after he allegedly sexually touched children under the age of 14 while at Six Flags Darien Lake’s wave pool. 

Terrill James Cunningham, 23, was charged with sexual abuse, both first and second degree and forcible touching.

Many area parents have raised some concerns about safety at Six Flags Darien Lake Theme Park.

“It’s pretty terrible, people just take advantage of these kids and it’s awful,” said Caryn Bosse, parent. “Darien Lake has definitely gone downhill a little bit. I have two kids and I don’t even take them there until they get older.”

“Well,  I’m extremely concerned, because I have an 8 year old,”  said Maya Foose of Hamburg. “That’s making me second guess even wanting to go with my kids today.” 

The Genesee County Sheriff’s office says the incident happened yesterday. Cunningham was visiting the water park.

“We have been in the wave pool, we do realize that it seems to get pretty crowded, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of lifeguards there to police it,” said Jerry Toms, father. “The ones that are there are only looking at certain spots. They don’t seem to want to actually go through the pool. So, they watch towards the deeper areas and towards the back end of the area. But, where the smaller kids are there’s not much supervision.”

Officials say Cunningham could face seven years in prison. He is due back in Darien Town Court Tuesday July 30th.

Witnesses officials, there could be more victims.

If anyone else has encountered this person at the park, they’re asked to call the Genesee County sheriff’s office at 585-343-5000.