BUFFALO N.Y. (WIVB) – The Buffalo community continues to heal after last week’s racially motivated shooting. Monday night, people of many faiths gathered to remember the 10 lives that were taken in the Tops Markets mass shooting.

“Something is terribly wrong when a trip to the grocery store can be an occasion to experience such violence,” said Buffalo Bishop Michael William Fisher.

Faith leaders say the community is reeling from the violence that happened at the Tops on Jefferson Avenue.
Saint Martin De Porres Church offered people comfort during what’s sure to be a long period of grieving, and healing.

“Any life taken from gun violence is unacceptable,” said pastor James Giles.

More than 400 people inside the church were praying for healing and support, saying what happened on May 14th will not define Buffalo.

“To reflect on the hatred and the racism that drove this and how it really is systemic and a part of our society and our communities and our families — I think the healing there begins in each one of us,” Bishop Fisher said.

“I know, and I have seen evidence of, the love in each of us, but what I’m afraid of is that love is just for a moment,” Pastor Giles said to church goers.

Pastor Giles told News 4 that love needs to be permanent.

“Us standing in unity and about a sustained effort to care. And by sustained effort meaning after the news is gone, after the police is gone, after the food trucks are gone, this community is still going to be hurting, who’s going to be there then,” he said. “How are we going to develop a vessel, or vehicle to get resources there have many and amazing resources and outpouring how do we get that to trickle down to the families that most need them.”

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