‘Jintronix’ rehab technology helps patients improve motor skills


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — It looks just like a video game, but the ‘Jintronix’ is actually a high-tech interactive tool that helps patients dealing with brain and orthopedic issues recover.

“It gives us activities that work on balance shifting, working on range of motion, reaching, doing different activities that you need to be able to do to live your life independently,” said Damien Haseley, Ellicott Center Occupational Therapist.

Patients at the Ellicott Center in Buffalo just started using the technology this month.

“I think it’s pretty good, it’s different. It’s helped me I think with reflexes and stuff like that,” said Chris Torwyn, patient.

“We see a lot of residents who may have had strokes or different things that can affect things like balance, strength, range of motion, safety awareness,” said Haseley.

The Jintronix uses an Xbox optical sensor to detect movement and a computer system is used to track the patient’s progress.

“When somebody balances and shifts their weight it’s detecting not just where their hips are moving but it’s also detecting where their shoulders are moving, how does their head stay in position,” said Haseley.

The technology has infrared sensors that track motion in up to 25 body joints. It also has a competitive aspect to it and Occupational Therapist Damien Haseley says that motivates patients to beat their previous score.

“We do a lot of exercises, a lot of strengthening and conditioning, trying to get people stronger and independent. This allows us a more interactive engaging way to do it,” said Haseley.

For more information, go to: http://www.jintronix.com/

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