Kenmore high school student’s handmade instrument makes it to science competition


Kenmore West Senior Mark Bogacki, 18, made a working marimba for a science competition called Science Olympiad.

The instrument won a regional third-place spot and is now going to compete at the state level.

“Traditionally, it’s a really large xylophone and more tropical sounding made of wood and it uses tubes on the bottom to resonate the notes,” Bogacki said.

He created the instrument using physics and some materials from Home Depot. Bogacki says science and music go hand in hand. 

“Music is not only physics, but physics is music, that’s how I like to think of it. Really, you can’t have the arts without science and you can’t have science without the arts,” he said. “Because what’s the point in doing anything when you can’t enjoy yourself, so that’s why I built this.”

He says he plans on making a few improvements to the instruments like adding a few more keys.

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