(WIVB) – Good news for Labatt lovers and the environment- the company has announced they’re replacing the plastic rings on six-packs with eco-friendly “green plastic” carrier rings.

The rings will be on Labatt Blue and Blue Light 16 oz. six packs throughout all U.S. markets “starting immediately”, a Wednesday press release from Labatt said.

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“By switching to recycled content, we’re taking one small step toward improving our environmental footprint,” said Janine Schoos, brand director for Labatt. “This carrier ring will begin to break down when exposed to UV light. We value nature and understand our role in helping to reduce plastic waste and promote the health of our waterways and environment.”

The rings are dubbed “Hi-Cone RingCycles™” and are recyclable and photodegradable. They’re made with more than half recycled material and break down when exposed to UV light.