BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – Daniel Whiting was sentenced to 25 years to life behind bars for the Second Degree Murder of his wife, Ashley Whiting.

Whiting was sentenced Tuesday in Erie County Court by Judge Kenneth Case.

He was convicted of stabbing Ashley Whiting 30 times on July 1, 2015 while their two young children were in the house.

Daniel Whiting claimed an intruder broke into their home, and he woke up to find that person stabbing Ashley. He also claimed he was stabbed in the leg while trying to fight off the attacker.

Prosecutors said Whiting stabbed himself to try to hide what really happened.

At the end of June, nearly a year to the day after Ashley Whiting was killed, it took a jury a little under an hour to deliberate and come back with a guilty verdict.

Ashley’s mother, Andrea Kwasniewski, addressed the court Tuesday. She asked Judge Case to give Daniel the maximum sentence.

“He’s not showed one ounce of emotion. He does not regret any of the pain and suffering he has caused. He only regrets he got caught. 21 years after seeing Ashley’s face for the first time, I saw it for the last time, in a coffin, because of him,” she said.

Judge Kenneth Case said in court that he regrets he cannot give Whiting a longer sentence, calling the Whiting’s story of an intruder “illogical and concocted.”

In the end, Whiting still insisted he was innocent, saying “I did not do this.”