Lakeshore Central Schools demonstrate classroom distancing


ANGOLA, N.Y. (WIVB) — With five weeks to go before many schools may reopen, the Lakeshore Central School District demonstrated how it might look come September. Students walk to their desks, which are separated by six feet. They wear masks until they’re seated and until the teacher is six feet away, then they can bring their masks down.

“The masks are attached so if they need a mask break, they can take them off and they’ll just be attached so there’s no dropping them on the floor or misplacing them. They’re all accounted for,” said Jill Clark, principal of AJ Schmidt Elementary School. “If the teacher is teaching at the board, they don’t need to have their covering on as of today.”

The classrooms in this district will each have about 8 to 10 students because those with last names A through J will come two days a week, and K through Z will come two other days a week.

“I think the hard part is not getting too close to my friends,” said second grader, Ben Wamback.

At lunch time, the masks will have to come down but for that, the district has purchased hundreds of plastic shields for the cafeteria so each student can eat within the confines of the shields for added protection.

“There’s a clear box, so you talk to your friends still, but you have to stay like six feet apart sometimes,” explained Wamback.

Personal property will also be well-controlled, according to Clark. “Our children will sit at their desks but won’t use the inside of the desks. We have little tubs so when they put their things down in the morning, their teacher will tell them to get their tubs. They’re marked with green or white. The coat racks will be marked just like they were. I mean nothing really will have changed.”

That’s at least the plan in the Lakeshore Central School District, five weeks before school returns.

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