Lancaster mom saves her children and pets in weekend fire


Peggy Ludwig, mother of four, was upstairs helping her kids clean their rooms when the fire started.  Her 10 year old said she saw smoke coming up from the vent and then Peggy leaped into action. 

“I kicked the door open and threw them over the fence off the back deck. It’s about eight feet, and they knew they were going to go down hard. I just told them to run, because I didn’t know what else was going to go, if something would blow up,” said Ludwig. “I didn’t know.”

After getting her kids out of the house safely, she went back in the house. She walked all the way to the basement to get the dogs her sweater and hair caught fire in the process. 

“I sprained my wrist, burned my hair and I’ve got some internal injuries, but it’s nothing compared to what it could have been,” she said.

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