BUFFALO, N.Y. –  The story of music legend Lance Diamond will come to life on the big screen this week. The famous Buffalo singer died more than two and a half years ago, the documentary: “A Diamond in the Buff: The Lance Diamond story” will premier this week.

The true story of Lance Diamond is not one many people know.  The true story of lance diamond is not one many people know.  His sister describes him as quiet, private.

What he was vocal about, his love for Buffalo. Now we’ll all get a glimpse into the glamour of his Buffalo life, on the big screen.

Two and a half years after his death, it doesn’t get easier for sister and best friend, Paulette Counts. She said, “It’s just strange. It doesn’t seem real yet.”

Some say he was married to the music. “What was so crazy about him, he loved all kinds of music.”

He always had dreams of making it big. But he never wanted to leave his love affair with his city. Counts said, “Some say once you drink the water in Buffalo, you never want to leave. He never wanted to leave.” Counts says he was so private, he didn’t release his real name or the medical problems you couldn’t see on stage.

His Doctor, who was with him when he died is Dr. Donald Switzer. “He actually had a very serious heart condition, that people who watched him perform would never guess. It amazed me he could work with the passion on the stage with a heart that pumped maybe 50 percent of normal.”

It was this heart condition that eventually killed him. Dr. Switzer said, “We lost such a great man because his physical heart couldn’t keep up with what he was made up of inside his heart and soul.”

A soul only few truly knew. But one that will soon come to life on screen, finally making Diamond’s dreams come true.

Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door at the NorthPark Theatre on Hertel Avenue. There also will be an after-party at Milkie’s on Elmwood, one of Diamond’s longtime performance venues.

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