LEWISTON, N.Y. (WIVB) — Some people living in Lewiston say someone is spreading racist fliers across the village. They were found on driveways on three different streets Thursday morning.

Lewiston Police told News 4 they received about 20 complaints from residents that were alarmed and outraged.

“It’s an absolute disgrace,” said Lewiston resident, Jackie Rapp.

“I hope whoever has done this knows that they are not welcome here,” said Wendy Swearingen, resident.

Dozens of people found baggies filled with fliers in their driveways that they say are clearly racist. The baggie contained three fliers- all informational about white lives matter, stopping illegal immigrants and black on white crime. On the bottom of the flier were two hashtags, one said Aryan Renaissance Society.

“It was like a supremacist type letter, something I’ve never seen in my life before,” said Linda Alaimo, Lewiston resident.

“I think it’s reprehensible, introducing the racist, neo-nazi element in our village,” said Swearingen.

Lewiston Police say none of the fliers advocated any violence or threats.

“The content doesn’t really rise to the point of being a criminal act because again there’s nothing in there, just informational. The only thing we’re looking at and the reason that we looked into that is because of the distribution, the way they distributed them because they were left and thrown on driveways, so technically that would be a littering offense,” said Chief Frank Previte, Lewiston Police Department.

Chief Previte says they’re looking into possible suspects, but he doesn’t believe the person lives in Lewiston. He says he’s never seen anything like this before.

“It’s the first time we’ve ever had something of this nature in our jurisdiction,” said Previte.

“I’ve never seen anything like that the whole time I’ve lived in Lewiston and I grew up in Lewiston,” said Alaimo.

People in the neighborhood say this kind of act will not be tolerated.

“People are becoming emboldened to become more racist and it’s very ugly and we don’t want it here,” said Swearingen.

The fliers were mostly left on driveways on Mohawk street, Chicora and Lower River road. Because the fliers don’t contain any threats, police say the only thing they can do at this point is charge whoever is responsible with a violation.