BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Coloring books for adults have exploded in popularity over the last year and now Buffalo has its own coloring book. In fact, there are several new Buffalo coloring books on the market.

One of them was produced by local artist Dan Predmore who just completed the ‘Buffalo, New York Coloring Book.’ It is filled with local landmarks, historical descriptions, and a variety of Buffalo drawings to color.

Predmore has previously marketed etched glassware and ornaments, all with a Buffalo theme, but found he had to start from scratch with drawings for the coloring book because the lines and details required are much different than the artwork he had already completed.

The coloring book is filled with drawings of twenty-six Buffalo landmarks, historical descriptions, and a variety of buffalo drawings to decorate and color. He says he wanted to help promote Buffalo.

“The descriptions of the buildings, the architectural landmarks I’ve included. (They’ll find) the contact information, the website of Shea’s Theatre, the Botanical Gardens, the History Museum, the Albright-Knox, just in case they want to visit these sites and go on tours.”

The book retails for about $13.95 in some 20 shops around Buffalo including the gift shops at the Albright-Knox and the Buffalo History Museum. Predmore has also created a coloring book for Niagara Falls which is available around the Falls area for $11.95.

Predmore is grateful for the help he received on this project from artist Vanessa Nicholls, local teachers, and his father, a 40-year History Professor at Daemen College.

‘So many people got involved,” he says. “The printer, the binder, it was just a big project. I couldn’t have done it without everybody helping.”

Predmore says he picked up his first copies of the Buffalo coloring book two weeks ago and has already sold 500 copies. He has experienced a strong appetite among Western New York shoppers for Buffalo-themed items. For more information visit www.predmore.com