JAMESTOWN, N.Y. (WIVB) –  News 4 introduced you to James Hicks Jr. He is the Jamestown High School Senior who says he would “die” for the Buffalo Bills.

His friends wrote to the team at One Bills Drive in hopes of getting Hicks a little recognition for being the super-fan that he is. Now the Western New York community is rallying around Hicks.

Kenny Allen from Buffalo got word about Hicks and his story. As a kid he got into a bad accident, and couldn’t play contact sports anymore. But, he is still a big part of the Jamestown High School Football team.

He said, “The effect he had on others around him, made me feel like this kid had to be an awesome kid, so I wanted to do something to help him.”

Allen decided to plan a surprise for Hicks at the high school. He brought a signed football from Corey Graham and tickets to a game at New Era Field.

Allen said, “He inspired me, so I came to give him a little treat.”

Kenny Allen is a local artist and works with Signature Cuts, the official barbershop for the Bills. Hicks’ teammates and coaches were all in on the surprise.

Their mutual love for their team has inspired a new friendship between Hicks and Allen. Allen said, “He’s my new friend, definitely.”

Allen says he wanted to show there is still kind people, especially in this community. Allen said, “For a person like James to go through what he’s went through and still be able to smile and still stay dedicated to a team is amazing. No matter where you come from, no matter what you’ve been through no matter what your background we can still just all come together.”