CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. (WIVB) — With football still months away, many are anxiously awaiting the Bills return to Highmark Stadium. To hold you over until then, News 4’s Gabrielle Mediak introduces us to a local artist, whose work is creating a lot of buzz with the players and Bills Mafia.

Scott Flick never misses a Bills’ game.  “I get nostalgic when I think of that stuff I live all week long for that,” said Flick. 

That love for the game was instilled in him at a young age, by his late father.  “Those four Super Bowls were my four years of high school so that was special,” said Flick. “But I don’t think we knew back then how good we had it. We just expected it because we had all those great players,” he said.

Now in his forties, the Cheektowaga native is watching the teams’ success with more appreciation. “Because you know how fast it left you when Jim Kelly retired.  The similarities between then and now; they’re both offensive teams and the quarterbacks are people you can get behind, community wise, they’re not just good football players,” said Flick.

He now transforms he sees on the field, into art.  “A painting of Josh Allen took about 25-30 hours, the drawings take anywhere between 45-100 hours,” he said.

After teaching art for nearly a decade, he embarked on a different path, opening up his own business, “Flicktures.”  “I used to bring the art to Bills’ games, put it on a cart and that’s how it started,” said Flick.

He’s drawn and painted several iconic players, past and present.   Including Jim Kelly, Andre Reed, Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs. 

His latest creation is a four-foot tall painting of Bills Tackle Dion Dawkins. “It’s really cool that someone has the talent to even make that,” said Dawkins.  “All of the glory to him and his talents.”

Dawkins says Flick found the perfect shot. “Playing football its one of those sports that’s all about being seen outside the facemask and  for him to find a picture outside of my facemask, that is dope,” said Dawkins.

And just like Flick, Dawkins too is looking forward to the upcoming season.  “Last season was an exciting one and it has affected so many people in ways that can’t even be explained,” said Dawkins.  “The people are ecstatic in Buffalo, so just looking forward to getting back to home,” he said.

Dawkins is one of the many players who have personally thanked Flick for his work.

“One time I dropped a piece off and Josh was cool and invited me in his house,” said Flick.  

And while that’s certainly memorable.. he says that’s not what he does this for.  “It’s neat don’t get me wrong and I’m humbled that the ‘Josh Allens’ of the world might have a piece of mine hanging in their house but its the parents and the kids I do it for,” he said.

Families purchasing pieces are one of the reasons he keeps his prices so affordable.  “I know where I was brought up and I know the people around me. A $15-20 print and they hang it on their wall,” said Flick.

Flick now works as a car salesmen,  but continues to create in his spare time.  He says it’s been a welcome distraction.  “While drawing, I’m thinking about the game,  my old man, the bond we had,” he said.  “It puts my head in a better place, especially during this last year during Covid.” 

His pieces have resonated with the Western New York Community and Bills Mafia. And he feels blessed his father was able to experience his craft too.  “I swear it was like I was in the Super Bowl,  doing a live painting and you’d look back and he was proud, you know,” said Flick.

If you’re interested in bringing a piece of the team to your own home, you can find Flick’s work here.

Gabrielle Mediak is a reporter who has been part of the News 4 team since 2019. See more of her work here.