Local church cleaning up big mess after 20-inch line burst in Buffalo


Thick mud, water and a clay-like substance covered the floors and the entrance area of Saint John the Baptist Church.

The church is located on Goodell Street near Maple, about a block away from the water main break at Virginia and Maple Streets in Buffalo.

“It is what it is, it’s not peaches and cream every morning you wake up it’s always something,” said Willie Hall, church patron and maintenance person.

The discovery was made early this morning as the church’s prayer ministry was trying to enter the property but had a hard time because of all the mud.

Hall has been at the church cleaning since early Monday morning and he’s been at it for hours.

“My supervisor called me and told me they had a pipe burst in the street,” he said. “So, we didn’t know there was all this mud here, so we’re power washing it down.”

The water main break happened at around 10:30 p.m. Sunday. Oluwole McFoy is the chairman for Buffalo Water. He says a 20-inch water distribution line broke.

“Fortunately for us, we didn’t have to have anyone without water, because our system is so well connected. We have over 890 miles of pipe throughout the city of Buffalo,” McFoy said. “So, even though this is a 20-inch line, and it’s one of our bigger ones, we were able to make sure that we kept all of our customers with water.”

City officials say there is not a boil water advisory for that area and the intersection of Virginia and Maple Streets will be closed through Wednesday.

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