Local company joins fight against Zika virus


SPRINGVILLE, N.Y. (WIVB)- A Springville workshop is home base to a serious Zika-fighting machine; the CSM3 Turbine Vector Sprayer and Duster.

It’s a machine that’s been around since the 1940s, but it’s generally not until a big mosquito-related outbreak occurs that Buffalo Turbine gets a spike in orders for it.

The spread of the Zika Virus in Florida has kept the company busy, general manager Paul Syracuse told News 4.

“We’re getting numerous calls, I’d say our business is probably increased 50 to 75 percent in this particular model itself.”

The machines are manufactured by Horschel Brothers Precision in Springville.

The turbines generate hurricane-force winds and spray insecticide as far as 100 feet, killing the mosquitoes in the area.

“They’re more geared toward states, counties, municipalities, the federal government. Because they are so effective… they come with a price tag,” company sales rep Jody Smith said.

That price tag is around $20,000.

Syracuse said his machines offer a less invasive approach than what Florida’s been using.

“The current way they’re doing it, which is very offensive to a lot of homeowners, is aerial spraying. Because they fly airplanes 150-200 feet over the houses,” Syracuse told News 4.

The turbine can reach through thick trees and tall grasses, and comes with a remote control to guide where the insecticide is sprayed.

Each machine takes about four weeks to manufacture.

Back in 2012 Buffalo Turbine sold about six CSM3 Turbine Vector Sprayer and Dusters; this year, they’ve already sold about 15.

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