Local doctors address common questions and concerns about the coronavirus vaccine


Getting your hands on the coronavirus vaccine might not be an easy thing to do right now, but when the time comes and you are able to roll up your sleeve, a common concern many folks have is “How soon after I’ve recovered from covid19 can I get a shot?”

“Nobody knows, that’s what it comes down to,” said Dr. John Sellick infectious disease physician and hospital epidemiologist for Kaleida Health.

“There were some people, who in the study, got infected during the time of the study that they didn’t know about. So, it doesn’t look like there is any untoward effect. So, what we usually recommend is that people wait until their clinically better. The reason for the 90 recommendation is we know that people generally have some immunity for at least 3 to 6 months.”

When it comes to side effects ..

“I had the Pfizer vaccine, after the first one there was a little bit of soreness for a few days at the injection site, after I got the second dose, that night, maybe into the next day, I was a little bit achy just felt a little run down a little headache,” said Sellick. “Now, that we’ve given millions of doses of vaccine the number of severe side effects is really nonexistent.”

Sellic also says, you should still wear a face mask after you’ve gotten the vaccine because transmission isn’t certain.

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