Local doctors say vaccinations are key to keeping kids out of the hospital, as Covid-19 hospitalizations increase among kids


BUFFALO, N.Y. – Oishei Children’s Hospital treats dozens of kids across Western New York for covid and this month they’re showing an increase in the hospitalization of kids with covid.

The hospital’s recent data shows, so far in December, about 33 kids have been admitted with
Covid 19. That’s up from 28 in November and 17 in October. Nine of those children were in intensive care and one on a ventilator. Oishei representatives weren’t available for an interview, but local pediatricians say the increase reflects local fears of vaccinations.

“This vaccine is incredibly safe,” said Dr. Steven Lana, Delaware Pediatrics. “Ironically, there are parents who have had the vaccine themselves and have no side effects, and are still reluctant to immunize their children. They’re concern is long term side effects. Let me say this about long term side effects, first of all they’re hypothetical and in the future. The risk (of Covid-19) is real and imminent and right now.”

Earlier this month, the state health department warned of an increase pediatric covid hospitalizations.
Statewide figures show 184 children were admitted to hospitals between Dec. 19 -23rd
compared to 70 during the first week of the month.

“Its’ disturbing, because all of this can be prevented,” said Lana. “So the message is, please get your children immunized. If they’re five years or older please get them immunized. If they’re 16 years and older and it’s been six months since they got their second vaccine, please get them a booster. The booster is necessary to ward off the omicron variant.”

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