BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB)- Music helped Stephen Fogarty get off opiates; now, the recovering addict is joining a national effort to use music for sobriety.

Fogarty, who goes by the stage name Tw1tch, signed with Universal Music Group to join the Recover or Die Tour.

“In the tour bus we have a studio, we’re going to be creating on the road,” Fogarty told News 4.

“It’s a dream come true.”

Part of his role on the road, aside from staying sober and creating music, is finding others help.MORE | Local artist raises awareness for opioid addiction

“We’re going to be in each city about two or three days. We’re going to visit NA meetings, AA meetings, and different recovery conventions. The last day that we’re there is going to be the actual concert. It will be a benefit concert; anybody in that city that needs to go to rehab who cannot afford treatment and does not have insurance coverage, we’re actually going to send people to treatment,” Fogarty said.

For him, affording treatment was a major road block.

“When I was trying to get off of opiates, I contacted as many rehab facilities as I could within my general area, and I couldn’t get in. They would not put me in a rehab until I failed an outpatient treatment drug test enough times,” he said.

The Recover or Die Tour through the non-profit Recovery Music Group is made possible by Priority Records, Universal Music Group, and Showbiz Entertainment.

So far the tour, which begins in Spring 2018, has 35 cities, but Fogarty said they’re looking to add more.

His outreach first started on social media. He and other recovering addicts would encourage one another, suggest meetings, and share messages of support.

Fogarty plans to use that same strategy from a national stage.

“My sobriety and my recovery depend on the next addicts’ sobriety and recovery. Because if we don’t stand together one by one, one by one we will fall,” he said.Click here for more information about the Recover or Die Tour