BUFFALO N.Y. (WIVB) – As Buffalo prepares to be in the spot light thanks to the Toronto Blue Jays playing here, one local company is also preparing for some recognition the team will bring.

“We were excited, we were skeptical, we were confused. It was all kinds of a mixture of emotions. It was kinda really neat,” Sahlen Packing Co. Vice President of Marketing Kenneth Voelker said.

Sahlen Packing Co. is hoping this opportunity will give them the right kind of exposure they say they need.

“Get people to know that we’re more than just hot dogs, we have deli meats, we have carved off the bone flavored ham, turkey, we’re got a lot of different products that we want to share with everyone,” Voelker said. “Get everyone excited about our products and about the Blue Jays.”

Voelker says the company is looking forward to having its name and logo seen by baseball fans around the country.

“It was exciting for us, you know Buffalo to be in the limelight for a little bit,” he said. “Sahlen Field to be in the forefront of a lot of different national media sources.”

Even though no one will be attending the games to buy a hotdog or two, Voelker believes it could still drive sales.

“It’s always intriguing when you see a new logo, a field,” Voelker said. “You see Sahlen Field and people start to, with the internet, they start looking at google searches and we start to come up and they start to familiarize with something they’ve experienced in the past and they can experience in the future.”