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'Eight Days of Hope' working to execute mission despite weather delays due to Florence


A lot of bad news has come out surrounding Hurricane Florence, but there is a silver lining.One company, newly relocated to Buffalo, is heading to the Carolinas to help out.

Eight Days of Hope is a faith based organization that provides help to those who have been through a natural disaster. But where does the name come from? Executive director Steve Tybor III, shared with News 4, “The number 8 in the bible means new beginnings. We believe when we go to disasters we give families a chance to have a new start and new beginnings.”

Since Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the organization has helped thousands and thousands of families get those new beginning and land back on their feet. With Hurricane Florence, they plan to do the same, but the storm has other ideas. Tybor told News 4, “Our initial plan was to move equipment from Buffalo and Mississippi to the Carolinas. We were hoping to start taking equipment today but the storm has slowed to a crawl. So it's going to take another 24-48 hours for it to move out of the Wilmington, North Carolina area where the flooding has been epic.”

Once it's safe to go, the group will head down with every resource that they have. That includes trailers, supplies, and volunteers. Tybor said, “We’re taking all of our equipment and we have 2 million dollars of equipment. We have 6 trailers that have commercial dehumidifiers and fans so we can dry out hundreds of homes a day!”

The plan is to act in a rapid response fashion. From start to finish they will assist many families over an 8 week time period. If that isn't enough time, they will add more, doing anything they can to help those less fortunate. Tybor said, “I think when people volunteer with Eight Days of Hope and other organizations they leave exhausted but their heart is so full.”

If you'd like to help either with donations or with your manual labor you can find information on how to do so here.

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