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10 Years Later: What happened to Corrie Anderson?

It has been 10 years since Corrie Anderson went missing. 

Anderson, the 36-year-old mother of three, left the former Lake County Dodge Dealership on Washington Street in Jamestown in October of 2008. She was never seen again.  

Vicki Acquisto, Anderson's mother, still lives near Mayville - not far from where her daughter disappeared.

"I think of some of the other people who went missing, and their parents have now passed away. And I think of that about myself, too. You know - there's no set time for anybody," said Acquisto.

Anderson missed picking up her son from school the day she went missing.
Vicki raised him from that day on.

"I know before she went missing - and I don't know why she ever said this to me - she said "would you take care of Zachary?" I have no idea why she said that, I just thought she just wanted me to do that if something happened," Acquisto said. 

Days later, her car turned up abandoned in the Town of Busti.

"The person of interest in that case was always her husband," said Chautauqua County District Attorney, Patrick Swanson.

"DNA in a case like that, there's less value when the reality is she was last seen driving her car, and he would have had his DNA in her vehicle because he owned it along with her."

Corrie and Ken Anderson had a rocky relationship. Before she went missing, Corrie had a restraining order against the man who is the father of her youngest child.

Investigators cleared him due to a lack of evidence.

"With cold cases, there's always that feeling of frustration that comes along with them because many times, you have a person of interest in mind. A lot of times, you're left wanting evidence that would allow you to prosecute the case," said Swanson. 

Anderson's mother has her suspicions. 

"I have no proof that he did it. My heart tells me he did. I struggle with that - forgiving," said Acquisto. 

State Police and volunteers organized group searches between 2008 and 2009. Anderson was never found. 

"I think she's in heaven. I don't think she's here anymore, and it's my faith that gets me through. Without the lord, I know I'd be struggling," said Acquisto. 

The case was silent until two and a half years ago. A tip brought investigators back to where Anderson's car was found.

2016 was Patrick Swanson's first year as Chautauqua County's acting district attorney.

"When there is a tip that comes in - state police was ready to go with it. They called in a number of resources including FBI and our forensic investigation team, which is a very unique unit for our county," said Swanson.

The reopening of old wounds was tough on Anderson's mom.

"I will tell you they found the shoe that was missing and her car keys. The reason it was more difficult is because it brought it all back, and there were no answers," said Acquisto. 

Ironically and coincidentally, some 500 miles away - Ken Anderson was arrested in Kentucky that same year.

In an eerily similar situation, his wife at that time also went missing. She was found alive.

Ken Anderson was charged with raping, kidnapping, and holding her hostage at a motel.

"The tip was not related to the arrest in Kentucky any way. Just a tip that came in. Like I said, there were a lot of resources poured into investigating that tip," Swanson told News 4. 

10 years is recent enough that there are still local beat cops and state troopers on the force who worked the case when Anderson first disappeared.

Swanson said there is still an investigator assigned to the  case.

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