44 puppies and dogs brought to Buffalo, rescued from mill operations in Ohio

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44 dogs are heading to safer homes tonight. 
They were rescued from puppy mills across the Ohio area. 

Most of them have spent their entire lives living in a cage, suffering in terrible conditions. 

All of these dogs and puppies were saved from being killed in brutal Amish puppy mills in Ohio. 
The sad part is, there is a need for these rescue trips every single month. 

Puppy mills are legal across the country but leaders say they are rarely regulated. 
Now these rescue missions are becoming even more important.

A van carrying 44 dogs and puppies were picked up from various puppy mills in Ohio and were transported to Buffalo. 

Representatives from different Buffalo rescues were waiting for them at a transport stop. 
This is a team effort between about 30 rescues across the Buffalo area.

Jeanette Dickinson, President of, New York State Citizens Against Puppy Mills says, “They are bred constantly over and over for money so they can sell their puppies. There are over 10 thousand mills in this country. They are licensed by the USDA, your government. If you are buying a dog or puppy in a pet store 99 percent of those dogs are coming from a mill. You’re going to pay $1500 or $2000 for a dog whose mother and father are going to continue to live in a cage until they die or they cant breed anymore.”

In Holmes County, Ohio alone, there are more than 400 licensed mills and plenty that are not regulated. 

That’s where these dogs came from. 
From here, the dogs will go to different rescues, they will be fostered and healed. Depending on the dog, some will be ready for adoption as soon as a few weeks.

If you’re interested in adoption, please e-mail: puppymillrescueteam@gmail.com 

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