A new way to decorate your pumpkins this Halloween season

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Halloween is right around the corner. Typically Jack-O-Lanterns are the thing to make out of pumpkins, but this year we challenge you to try something new.

You will be the envy of your neighbors with the latest fall trend. Pumpkins covered in succulents will keep your house looking stylish and festive.

Meg Syracuse, floral designer at Grabber & Sons Landscaping and Nursery told News 4, “We had folks over for dinner and on my placemats at each setting I had one of these that the company could take home as a little present.”

The best part is, they are super easy to make.Plus, they are the perfect creative outlet for even the youngest members of your family. Syracuse said, “The only thing is the glue gun is hot so you have to be careful with that. If mom does the glue, the child can easily put it where he wants to put it. They look so great. I did it with my grandsons and they just think they’re the coolest thing ever.”

The process is simple and you only need a few things. Syracuse shared, “I need a can of adhesive spray and that’s what I use to put the moss on as my base. Then I need some succulents and my glue gun.”

Syracuse suggests covering up any flaws in the seasonal gourd with the moss. After that on go the succulents. Then if you would like to add a bit of jazz, you can add googly eyes, berries, mini gourds. The only limit is your imagination. Syracuse said, “We did one with a little walkway, and little Frankenstein monsters, we just had fun with it!”

To keep them alive just spray the moss once a day and you’ve got a piece of art that can last up to 2 months. If you like the idea of this, but don’t have much of an artistic eye, Grabber & Sons Landscaping and Nursery Inc. has them all made up for you.  They range in size from small pumpkin pie pumpkins, all the way up to large specialty pumpkins. They are located in Cheektowaga right off of the Pine Ridge/Harlem Rd. exit of the 33.

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