AKRON, N.Y. (WIVB) — Students at Akron High School, along with the Hilbert College Rotaract Club, want to see softball being played in Buffalo’s Dominican Republic sister city, Bani.

The Rotaract Club and the high school’s varsity softball team will be collecting softball equipment to donate to the city, in hopes of building a four-team softball league there.

“Our local community is extremely supportive of our athletes,” said Coach Marlene Stone. “This project will provide an opportunity for our athletes to give an underprivileged community in the Dominican Republic a chance to enjoy the sport our team loves.”

The campaign, which is called “JUST DOnate IT,” has been set up to collect softballs, bats, mitts and other equipment. School supplies, like backpacks, are also being collected during the campaign.

Ultimately, those who set up the campaign wish to collect enough equipment to pack a cargo plane.

Donations will be accepted throughout the softball season. Those looking for more information on the campaign can call Stone at (585)737-1158 or email justdonatesoftball@gmail.com.MORE | Find more information on the school’s website here.