Teen charged with killing parents claims dad shot mom, threw knife at him

Allegany County

ALLEGANY COUNTY, N.Y. (WIVB) — William Larson Jr., the 17-year-old charged with murder and manslaughter in the deaths of his parents, denied to troopers that he shot his mother but admitted he fired at his father.

Larson was on Tuesday in an Allegany County courtroom, where that revelation was made. By the time he left the county courthouse in a sheriff’s vehicle, much more was learned about the case against him, and interviews subsequent to his arrest last week after a day of searching this rural area.

The bodies of Lisa Larson, 50, and William Larson Sr., 67, were discovered early Thursday morning after firefighters responded to a home in the town of Clarksville to put out a fire in the basement. William Larson Jr. was sighted at the scene by firefighters before leaving on foot. By dusk, he was taken into custody by state troopers.

In the moments after he was captured, Larson Jr. was brought to NYSP barracks in the town of Amity. He was offered food, pop, and cigarettes, and then he was interviewed for three hours.

In the first 20 minutes of the interview, he claimed his father William Sr. killed his mother, then threw a knife at him. The junior Larson then admitted to firing at his dad in the driveway of their Clarksville home.

We also learned Tuesday that the autopsy reports for both of Larson Jr.’s parents revealed they were shot and stabbed.

In the interview with troopers, the teenage Larson claimed he believed his father was on meth as this played out, but an investigator testified so far there’s no evidence that’s actually the case.

Wearing sweatpants and a plaid top, Larson was in court on Tuesday. We’re told that the hearing is rare, as the defense usually waives it. In fact, that’s what the prosecutor, Thomas Fuoco, claims the defense told him they were initially going to do.

“Apparently they made that decision without first discussing it with their client. When they did, he said he wanted to go forward with the preliminary hearing, which he’s certainly entitled to do,” Fuoco said.

A video showing the interview was played in court. Following testimonies by investigators, the judge ruled there is enough evidence to move this case to a grand jury.

“He’s presumed to be innocent. He has a right to due process. It’s my job to prove him guilty,” Fuoco said. “I’ll do that in a court of law.

“I’m not going to do that through the media. I’m not going to do that through public opinion.”

An Allegany County grand jury will now hear this case. Larson is scheduled to be back in court on Dec. 17th. For now, he’s still held behind bars with bail set at $50,000 cash, $100,000 property bond.

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