Alleged clergy sex abuse victim: “I am angry with God”


James Faluszczak says every time he learns something new about the sexual abuse scandal with the Catholic Diocese, he feels shocked and angry.

In a candid conversation, Faluszczak tells News 4 how he’s coping, and how these past few months have shaped his faith. 

“Think the catholic church is the biggest organized crime syndicate in the world,” he said. 

It’s been a month since James Faluszczak decided to tell go public and tell his story of abuse. 

For him, it’s painful to to see how many people have since come out with a similar story, just like his.

He said, “In many cases, these victims, their first experience of a sexual act was perpetrated by a man that they entrusted with their soul.”

Originally from Western New York, he served the Erie Diocese until 2014. But he was reminded of the trauma of his abuse everyday, and he left the ministry: 

He said, “IIt causes me great pain to not be able to preach, to not be able to celebrate the sacraments.”
He says his relationship with God and his faith has changed. “I am not only very angry with the church, I am angry with God.”

Sexual abuse is something he calls an “epidemic” in the church. He worries about the lack of protections in place for the most vulnerable parishioners. “These men who are in a position to speak for Christ are not conveying that love, they’re not conveying that protection.”

Hes calling for all of the names of sexually abusive clergymen in the Diocese to be released. 

He wants Buffalo to be aware of what he says is the “uncomfortable truth.”

He said, “Just do the right thing, and I think people will forgive the church.” 

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