Alleged victim of William Shrubsall: “He’s a dangerous man”

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A Niagara Falls woman hopes a man deemed a “dangerous offender” will spend more time in prison. William Shrubsall was deported back to New York State from Canada after being convicted of sexually abusing women there.

“I was just under the impression that he was going to be in jail forever, so I feel cheated,” said Christy Berner.

Christy Berner says she’s been a witness to William Shrubsall’s violent history for 30 years.
She says she testified in his murder trial in 1989 and testified in his sexual assault cases in Canada.

“I feel deeply terrified for women whereever he’s at,” said Berner.

She says Shrubsall attacked her in 1986.

“Then he released my one hand to go after my pants. I reached up, tweaked his nose, grabbed his nose, twisted it, screamed as loud as I could, he got off me and ran,” said Berner.

Berner says her parents filed a police report, but because she didn’t know who Shrubsall was at the time, he was never convicted or arrested.

“I feel guilt that I didn’t go forward,” said Berner.

That’s why she’s shocked to know he’s back in western New York.

Shrubsall is about to serve a seven-year sentence in New York for a sexual abuse charge from decades ago. He never served the time because he faked his death and ran off to Canada. He was convicted of sexually assaulting three women and was supposed to serve a life sentence there.

“They said that their system had done everything that they could for him, that nothing about his status was going to change and they were going to send him back to the states to fill out his sentence here. I find that concerning,” said Caroline Wojtaszek, Niagara County District Attorney.

Shrubsall was transferred back to Western New York Monday. But Berner says she wants to make sure he stays there.

“He’s a dangerous man and I want him in jail for the rest of his life because I’m afraid for women,” said Berner.

Shrubsall could face more time because of bail jumping and criminal contempt charges. He faces up to another seven years if convicted. But Berner says that’s still not enough time.

Shrubsall is due back in Niagara County Court on March 20.

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