(WIVB) – Are you enjoying aspects of social distancing?

According to online health resource Healthline.com, almost half of Americans (48 percent) said that they enjoy physical distancing due to COVID-19, according to a new poll.

Of the people surveyed, 70 percent said that the pandemic has affected their work life, and 52 percent said that they are not working remotely. Of those people working from home, more than half (55 percent) said that they’re finding it stressful.

Of the people surveyed, about 36 percent said they don’t miss working in an office.

Here are some other daily activities people said they don’t miss:

  • Working in an office (36%)
  • Eating out in restaurants (29%)
  • Going to the bank (27%)
  • Working out at a gym or studio (26%) 
  • Going to a place of worship (24%)

You can find the complete survey results here.

Do you enjoy physical distancing? Are there daily activities that you miss, or don’t miss? Let us know in the comment section on social media.