Amherst residents receive letter requesting mailbox move

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BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — People in an Amherst neighborhood are mad and confused after receiving letters from the Postal Service, stating they must move their mailboxes or they will no longer receive any mail.

“As a postal carrier, you’re expected to walk and exercise,” says Lisa, a woman living along Hilton Boulevard in Amherst. She is among the group of neighbors receiving letters from the Post Office. “They say through rain, sleet and snow they will deliver your mail… unless you have stairs.”

The houses on Hilton each have a few steps to the porches where the mailboxes are situated.

“The letter is stating we need to move our mailboxes where they are to either the bottom of the steps or hanging from the porch facing the driveway.”

These new mailboxes the Post Office is encouraging people to buy would have to be purchased with money out of homeowners’ pockets.

“We’re struggling like anybody else,” says Lisa. “You’re talking a couple hundred dollars to move it.”

And according to the letter, Lisa and her neighbors have until September 1st. If they don’t get mailboxes, the letter says they will not be receiving their mail to their homes any longer.

“I find that if we don’t comply with this, they’re going to keep our mail – I don’t think that is legal,” says Lisa.

The Post Office Spokeswoman says the letter is incorrect; the move or new mailbox isn’t mandatory but voluntary and part of the Hazard Abatement Program, which works to keep carriers safe.

“In an attempt to be proactive, to minimize our carriers from being injured, she [the Amherst supervisor] reacher out to those customers and requested they consider moving the mailboxes from the porch to the bottom of their steps,” says Karen Mazurkiewicz, the regional communications coordinator for the post office.

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