Amherst woman believes her granddaughter is latest victim in Oakland warehouse fire

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AMHERST, N.Y. (WIVB) – As the death toll climbs, an Amherst women tells News 4 her grand-daughter is one of the victims of the massive warehouse fire in Oakland, California.

Family members tell us Chelsea Faith Dolan, 33, was performing at the ghost ship art and concert venue. Marion Dolan tells us her granddaughter died doing what she loved. Marion Dolan said, “That was her life. Music was her life. Music was everything to her she just lived for it.”

An aspiring electronic music artist, she had just signed with a record label. Dolan said, “She traveled all over the country to play. Whenever there was anything going on with electronic music, she was there.”

Although her death hasn’t been confirmed, her grandmother has a feeling she’s gone. She said, “I saw the flames and the smoke, and I knew that’s where she was, because they said she was in Oakland, and was missing and she was in a big fire.”

Chelsea’s mother, who grew up here, first reported her missing after the fire happened. But if she was okay, her grandmother says she’d immediately be in contact with family.

She said, “Those flames were just unbelievable, I finally realized there’s no way she could get out.” For now, the worst part is waiting. Dolan tells us knowing Chelsea was identified would help bring her family closure.

At night, she’s says she is haunted by the unknown. She said, “They talk about this stairway to the second floor and they found many of the bodies there. Now I just picture it all these people trying to get away from the flames.”

Chelsea, who is in her early 30’s was living in California, but traveled to Oakland to perform at this party.

Dolan says she’s focusing now on the memories she has with her granddaughter. She said, “I know she’s gone. But it’s still hard to accept. She was just an upbeat girl, she was just always smiling, I never saw her down.”

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