Attorney Corey Hogan plans to sue NYS over COVID-19 restrictions on ‘high-risk’ sports

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(WIVB)– The lawyers who sued the state on behalf of restaurants are not done fighting the governor’s coronavirus restrictions.

Attorney Corey Hogan is planning to file three to four lawsuits related to restrictions on sports.

Hogan says the lawsuits will involve youth sports, hockey leagues, and rink owners.

He’s looking to have “High-risk sports” such as football, hockey, and basketball re-classified as moderate risk sports.

“Because if you’re a moderate risk you can play games. We’re not asking to travel outside the state or anything like that. They’re allowed to go to practices, but why not have a game? That’s what this is all about, you can watch it on TV, all the professionals get to do it.”

Corey Hogan, Attorney

Corey Hogan is expecting to file these lawsuits next week.

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