Barnes files trademark infringement lawsuit against Cellino and Cellino

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The legal battle between Cellino and Barnes has taken a new turn.

This time, Stephen Barnes filed a trademark infringement lawsuit today in U.S. District Court against Cellino and Cellino.

That is the firm created by the children and wife of Ross Cellino, his partner.

But Barnes alleges in his lawsuit that Ross Cellino worked behind the scenes to create the new law firm with his family.

Barnes alleges that Cellino and Cellino uses a “confusingly similar name and phone number”… instead of trying to create its own brand.

This is in addition to the legal process that could dissolve the Cellino and Barnes firm, which is one of the most successful personal injury law practices in the country.

The Cellino and Cellino law firm responded today saying the lawsuit has no merit and that Stephen Barnes is attempting to bully his family.

Read the full statement below: 

We are aware of the lawsuit that was filed by my father’s partner, Steve Barnes, against our firm Cellino & Cellino LLP. 

We are confident the lawsuit has no merit. The claims are a desperate attempt by Steve Barnes to unreasonably interfere with our representation of our clients and our right to practice law.

In essence, Steve Barnes is attempting to bully my mother, my sister, and me from practicing under our own name notwithstanding the ethical rules which require attorneys in New York State to use their name.

We are one of the few all female firms in Western New York, and we are proud and excited to continue to grow this new law practice. We will let the Court and our attorneys handle this frivolous lawsuit and are going to strictly focus on the people we represent and growing our business. 

Annmarie R. Cellino, Esq. 

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