BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB)- The night before Halloween is known as Beggars Night in some communities.

Buffalo’s Kaisertown neighborhood is one of the only communities around which still hands out treats on this night.

Nobody seemed to remember just how far back the tradition goes, but Kaisertown drew kids by the thousands Friday night. Clinton and Weimar street was one of the busiest intersections.

“All really neighborly fun and it’s true neighbor at it’s best,” said Common Council member Richard Fontana, who was watching members of the volunteer group known as Peacemakers help families across the busy intersections. “We want to thank the Peacemakers. They come out every year for us, handle the big intersections where some of the haunted houses are. They do a great job for us.”

“It just seems people go all out over here,” said Debbie Barrile who came in from South Buffalo. “They’re on their porches, they’ve got dance music down there, lawns are loaded with stuff. We lived in South Buffalo and we do Halloween but we’ve got cousins that live over here and we’ve been coming for 27 years now. I’m coming with my grandchildren.”

Beverly Golubski had a line of kids waiting for her candy on Weimer near Clinton.

“I would say we might hit 4,000 today. We have had 3,600 in the past. We’re already up to 2,000.”

Her neighbor Lynette Napierala watched kids come in by the car load.

“I mean we see vans dropping off ten, fifteen, twenty kids. It’s like in a carnival when you see the little Luv Bugs with the clowns. That’s how many kids are coming out of the cars.”

It seemed as if half of the crowd did not live in Kaisertown.

“Yeah, that’s fine.” said Golubski. “They’re kids, we enjoy it. We do it for them.”

On Halloween night, all will be quiet again in Kaisertown, while other western New Yorkers will be Trick-or-Treating.