David Bellavia is no longer looking to replace Rep. Chris Collins.

He released a statement, requesting his name be removed from consideration by local Republicans.

Chris Collins announced that he would no longer be running for re-election after he was arrested on insider trading charges.

Here is Bellavia’s full statement:

“I would like to thank the eight Republican county chairmen across New York’s 27th Congressional District for the opportunity to be considered a candidate for the United States House of Representatives.

I am deeply humbled and profoundly blessed by the support of so many Republican leaders in all eight counties who believe I am the candidate that will best serve the district. I am a rural son of Orleans County, who chose to raise three beautiful children in Genesee County. I have worked in Erie County every day for the past eight years. The counties, cities, towns and villages of NY27 are a part of who I am.

Above party and process, our number one priority must be to the people. The good people of NY27 deserve a Congressman who puts the needs of the district first.

As the difficult task of selecting a fitting replacement for Rep. Chris Collins awaits these chairs, there is a very real possibility that a candidate will be selected and still a court may overrule that decision.

I believe each candidate deserves a final, transparent and ethical path for placement on the November ballot.

According to the US Constitution, we are mandated to elect a Representative to the People’s House. Today, in search of party unity, I request my name be taken out of consideration for NY27.

I am forever called to serve my nation. If the opportunity to serve comes another time in elected office I will ask the people for their solemn trust.

Today, I walk away from this process better for having been a part it. I thank all those who offered support and counsel. I look forward to being part of the effort to build a strong and energetic Republican party.”