Bikers Against Child Abuse ride for awareness

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The Buffalo chapter of Bikers Against Child Abuse will take a special ride Saturday morning .  

Each member will drive 100 miles across Western New York to raise awareness about child abuse and how they work with local and state officials to fight against it. 

“If there’s an abused child that’s feeling fear, we’ll stand guard at their house 24-7 until that fear is eliminated, we’ll escort them to court, we’ll just provide a physical presence and a support system so they can heal on their own with or without us.” said Sensi the chapters child liaison.

Every child taken in by B.A.C.A gets a teddy bear signed by all the bikers, a road name,and a vest to welcome them into the group.The B.A.C.A also helps families with expenses for counseling and court fees. Members say that less than 20 percent of abused children testify but those that are part of the B.A.C.A family testify 90 percent of the time .

“These Children know that they have a system in place and people that have their back. Bikers are notoriously loyal, we have that brotherhood and they know nobody’s going to mess with us. we’re scarier than their demons.” said Sensi

The ride begins in front of Buffalo City Hall going through Angola ,Dunkirk, Gowanda, and Cheektowaga. More than 7,000 volunteer bikers around the world will be riding in solidarity.The bikers are constantly on call, but child liaison Zola says it’s worth it to give kids a chance at reclaiming their innocence.  

“By the time we leave them, these children go from these scared, hurt little beings into children again. they play they laugh and they become themselves again and its amazing” Zola said.

The organization is holding a picnic fundraiser on July 13. For more information on how you can help click here or send donations directly to P.O. Box 324 Buffalo, N.Y. 14226.

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