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Bills defensive line coach embraces his originality

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WIVB) - The Bills defensive line coach, Karl Dunbar, does not look like everyone else. He has multiple skin tones.

"Cut me and I bleed red, so it don't matter whether your skin is black, white or yellow."

Dunbar has a skin disease called vitiligo, which is an autoimmune disease that causes a loss of pigment in the skin.

"Some people thought I got burned," Dunbar explained. "A lot of people want to feel it because if you close your eyes and feel it, you can't feel it because there are no scars. It is just like losing a tan in certain places. That is all it is."

After wearing a mask for sleep apnea affected the skin on Dunbar's face, his disease is more visible. As a child there were only a few spots, yet he still felt very insecure about his appearance. It was not until he went to LSU, where he played football, that he became more confident.

"Once my self-esteem was under control my sophomore or junior year of LSU, that is when I began to take off as a person, Dunbar explained."

He received second-team all-SEC honors as a senior defensive lineman at LSU, got drafted into the NFL and has served as a defensive line coach for several teams on both the collegiate and professional levels.

"I think skin tone does not matter. If you win in this league and you can play, if you can help a team win that is what it is all about," Dunbar said.

The color of Karl Dunbar's skin does not paint the picture of who he is as a person. His family, his career, his work ethic and his ambition are the key elements that texture Dunbar's past and outline his future. But like in art, it is every bit of his originality that truly makes who he is coupled with what he has done his own personal masterpiece.

"Love yourself first because you are unique," Dunbar said. You look at dogs, cats, birds, they all have a certain pattern; Karl Dunbar has his."

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