(WIVB) — One of the things Bills Mafia is known and loved for is the way they give back.

After a longtime fan heard of the sudden and tragic passing of Luke Knox, Bills tight end Dawson Knox’s brother, that fan knew exactly what to do to support the family.

“As a message from Bills Mafia straight to Dawson: we’re here to support you, we’re behind you every step of the way,” said Bills fan James Keller.

Keller told News 4 he wanted to find a way to make sure Knox heard that message loud and clear. Keller took to social media Thursday, encouraging Bills Mafia to donate $16 dollars – Luke’s football number at Florida International University – to PUNT Pediatric Cancer Collaborative, an organization Dawson is heavily involved in.

“I have a brother of my own…I couldn’t even imagine losing him, so I can’t imagine what Dawson’s going through,” Keller said. “Given all of the time that he has put into the organization, and making sure that he embodies everything that the Buffalo Bills are, I just feel like he’s one of those guys – he’s art of the community.”

The $16 dollar donations soon transformed into $16.88, combining the two brothers’ numbers.

“Sixteen dollars is a couple parking vouchers at the hospital, and when families have no way to pay the parking garage, those become like gold,” said the nonprofit’s Executive Director Gwen Mysiak.

In just one day, Bills Mafia has raised more than $130,000 for PUNT, and that number is continuing to climb.

“We will be working closely with the Knox family to ensure that these resources are put in ways they would like to see them used in honor of Luke,” Mysiak said. “…We’re a grassroots organization that relies on public support, so these resources will be game changing.”

Many Bills Mafia members are leaving heartfelt messages along with their donation. Mysiak said the organization will be sharing them with the Knox family.

If you would like to donate, you can do so here.

Marlee Tuskes is a reporter who has been part of the News 4 team since 2019. See more of her work here and follow her on Twitter.