Bills players in London to remain comfortable with food and lodging

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LONDON, ENGLAND (WIVB) — Just outside the luxurious London hotel at which the Buffalo Bills are staying, a garden grows fruits and vegetables — foods the Bills will eat to maintain their strict diets.

Chef Mark Sweeney at the Bills hotel said his food is made with fresh and wholesome ingredients fit for the strict diets of an NFL player.

“(We) use lots of fresh fruits, vegetables for salads, herbs and we own bees to produce our own honey,” Sweeney said.

Sweeney and Delaware North Executive Chef Andy Andy Altomare began meeting months in advance to plan the trip, the menus for the Bills players and more.

“We started planning in June, traveled over here in the hotel in England and met with the culinary team,” Altomare said. “From there we decided what to ship. We didn’t ship anything refrigerated, everything we shipped is dry and had to come over through a cargo freight. We want to make the transition as easy as possible coming from Orchard Park to London.”

The diet of an NFL player is nothing to toy with, according to the two chefs, so the excessive planning is merited. They metered out everything from portion, size color and texture of the foods to ensure they match the daily diets of the players.

“We always use fresh, organic, real food as much as possible. No imitation. We’re using the gardens here at the hotel,” Altomare said.

Although the team is enjoying a regimented diet, the Bills players get treats as well. The team shipped over 800 rice crispy treats for the players to enjoy along the way.

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